About Us


The Finance and Blockchain Education

Broadmeans academy is a cryptocurrency platform that exists since 2015. We comprise sets of experienced and long term crypto moguls aligned in one space. The space is called BroadMeans Academy. We are powered with several crypto solutions and empowered with a passion for building the next generation of crypto billionaires. Adding value to lives is one of our watchwords. We offer the best with excellent crypto knowledge, and our achievements have added to our flair for educating anyone interested to move with us to achieve reasonable financial freedom.


We offer value for financial freedom.

_ Be A Pro

We set up Broadmeans crypto school to train, empower, and equip new and existing crypto innovators who want to be a blockchain crypto guru for self development and also to help others for business and profit purpose.

_ Information Tech

We use different tools where applicable to foster the growth of our members, students, and the Broadmeans community. We believe in giving the right information and using the right tools to bring out the best from anyone connected to us.

_ Education

Everything we do to educate our students is geared towards creating a siren environment that encourages a crypto based training approach.